Be the one who brings new fundraising ideas

and the plan to implement them!

Here, you will learn how to plan and implement fun, educational, and highly profitable school fundraising events. I walk you through the details to propel your marketing, project management, event-planning, organization, and profit-earnings forward.

K-S Elementary, MN

"With over 900 students, we raised $47,194 this year! Wow! What a fundraiser you created! As a parent, I love that the children are learning something and we aren’t having to sell a thing! It’s a win, win. Thank you so much!"

Wyman Elementary, MA

"The Spelling Challenge really does work. The students exceeded our expectations. They really enjoyed it, the teachers loved it, and the parents are asking to do it again next year! We have about 208 students and raised just over $13,000 in about 2 weeks. Expenses were under $300, which meant we were able to hold onto about 98% of the money donated by families!"

Linscott Elementary, MA

"Our school has been running your original [Academic] Spelling Challenge for years because it's been our most successful fundraiser. We cannot wait to try your new Humanity Challenge fundraiser!"

Backed by over 20 years of marketing experience, I began designing original school fundraisers while my three kids were in elementary school. At that time, school fundraising organizations around the country reported raising several thousands of dollars for their students. 

Effective marketing is about organization, motivation, and promotion. You see... you have to create an organized event with a purpose, be sure everyone knows about it, and excite and motivate people to get involved. It’s so much more than hanging a flyer around the school. I show you exactly how to do this!

As a marketing professional, planning super successful school fundraisers came naturally to me and I plan to teach every PTO, PTA, and school fundraising group in the world how to do it!

Thinking Creatively!

- Vicki